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We help Educational Institutions, PreK-12 students, Daycares, Senior Care, and Special Needs Organizations, gain a sense of well-being, confidence, and knowledge through music education concepts utilizing a fresh new music curriculum/training,  and music enrichment sessions 

Achievement & Success Guaranteed

In our year long music programs clients learn to play instruments, vocal techniques, music composition, sight-reading, posture, performance etiquette, music terminology, and more...

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Ready To Get Started Here Today And set the foundation for future musicians and achievers?

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Music Instruction Sessions

tap into your music mindset

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"Got Music?"

Music does a body good. Inside and out music will make the difference you have been looking for.


"Mindset Check!"

Adding the concepts of music into your daily mindset will bring the positive changes you've been searching for. 


Music Curriculum Creation/Training, Music Instruction Sessions & Online K-12 General Music Courses

Using Music to Build up the foundations of the mind
 music mindset

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You Have Needed a Music Curriculum For a While...

Now is the time to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to hire the expert in music education for all ages and abilities. Whether it is to teach music to all ages and abilities for any institution, or whether it is to create a music curriculum that caters to a particular need and want, and then train staff on that music curriculum, Mr. C does it all.


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"I Wish You Happy Practicing"

Mr. C

Oswaldo Coello (Mr. C) has been teaching music for over 2 decades, with extensive experience as a program coordinator for special needs, and activities director for assisted living medical daycare.

As the owner of Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy LLC he reminds each of his students to continue to practice even when instruction has completed, in order to reinforce the understanding that practice makes one better and more equipped to handle difficulties.

Certified Teacher & Former CPR Instructor

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No Other Music Academy offers our experience, knowledge, & heart

We Have Exactly What You are Looking For

Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy offers several packages to help you on your musical journey; whether your are a PreK-12 general music student, or organization in need of a music curriculum/training, and/or music enrichment sessions for any age and ability, Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy has an offer for you.

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Music Curriculum Creation/Training

We Create Your Music Curriculum & Train Your Teachers

Senior Care Music enrichment Sessions

We Visit Your Facility In-Person or Online for Music Instruction

Exceptional Children's Music enrichment Sessions

We Visit Your School In-Person or Online for Music Instruction Sessions

Daycares & PreK-12 General Music Students

We Provide In-Person & Online General Music Classes for Daycares
& Online  PreK-12 General Music Courses

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You are waiting to book your music sessions until your budget is just right!

  • ​I can wait another quarter: Can your students wait another quarter? Statistics show that music students graduate at a much higher rate than non-music students
  • ​Music Just Isn't as Important as the Main Subjects: Studies have shown that music concepts actually reinforce understanding of all other subjects for all ages and abilities
  • ​Music is Not Required: The recognition of the arts has come to the forefront of educational curriculum, and has even been added to the STEM initiative, changing STEM into STEAM to add the importance of The Arts, which of course includes Music.

I homeschool so I know the importance of budgeting:   I also know the importance of providing a well-rounded curriculum to encourage creativity, growth, maturity, and confidence. I set aside a specific budget every year to ensure my homeschooling children include the arts, and not just music but art class and physical education. It is imperative that they experience these essential elements of education to guide them now and into the future.

Waiting for the right time and budget to provide an essential music education will have you waiting for a lifetime, and your students shouldn't wait that long.

Spots are truly going to run out! Atlanta In-person music sessions will shortly be booked so Do Not Wait! Book us while you can still book us this year!

Music Curriculum Creation/Training will also fill up fast! Do Not Wait! I'd hate to see you have to try again next year, when your clients need music now.



Mr. C is an excellent instructor. My daughter learned a lot.

Phillip Brooks, GA

Mr. C is AMAZING my 13 year old son started with him in September and the progress I see in him is overwhelming. Every week there's a different assignment, he loves Mr. C and looks forward to his lessons. It's hard to keep him focused and he gets bored very easily but not with Mr. C. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. C's school of music they are definitely worth it!!!

Nicole Rodney, GA

Mr. C is Incredible!!!!. On top of that he’s very professional , reliable & patient. My 11 year old son was able to gain the proper knowledge & understanding of the piano within two weeks of being taught by Mr. C. I’m very pleased !!! & would highly recommend Mr. C . to anyone that is in need of any piano & music lessons.

Whitney White, GA

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Create Your Music Curriculum, Book Your Music Instruction Sessions / Courses

Tap into Your music Mindset

  • ​Gain Confidence: Your clients/students will gain confidence
  • Gain KnowledgeYour clients/students will increase in musical knowledge as well as in the knowledge of all things, as music pertains to all things
  • Gain Better Health & WellnessMusic involves physicality, mental capacity, teamwork, patience, and etiquette.