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A Results-Driven Training Method

Mr. C will guide your learning the entire step of the way, including providing access to his exclusive Facebook group for questions and answers 24/7.


A Music Class Schedule You Can Stick To

Mr. C's music worksheets and checklists allow for you to make your own schedule and go at your own pace while learning; the sheets link to teaching videos that provide all you need to enjoy learning general music.

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Mr. C Teaching Piano / Middle School
Mr. C Teaching Ukulele / 3rd - 5th

Vichu, V

Oswaldo is very flexible. He has a good indepth knowledge in music. He teaches music in a fun way to enjoy learning. He is diversified instrument expert.

Phillip, B

Mr. C is an excellent instructor. learned a lot.

Anabel, A

My children love Mr. C’s class, they have fallen in love with music because of it!!! Thank you Mr.C

With Each Package You Will Receive

9 to 10 weeks of music classes according to your chosen grade levels (K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th, or Special Needs and Senior Community)


Depending on grade levels students will learn:

  • ukulele

  •  piano

  •  drums

  •  voice

  •  music history/culture

  •  music theory

One whole semester of general music classes per grade levels purchased for ONLY $19.99

When you choose the package that is right for you, you will immediately receive a download of your 9 or 10 week general music classes in a zip file folder.

Each class is separated by weeks, so your first class will be week 1.

Each class is 30 minutes long, and then you have to complete the printable worksheet, that should only take about 15 minutes to complete.


*You will see the pdf of the worksheets first, then you click the link at the bottom of the worksheet for the training video that aids you in completing the worksheet pertaining to the class.

By the end of the semester, your child will have an in depth knowledge of any one of the instruments listed (piano, ukulele, voice, drums), and knowledge of music theory and music history, in addition to music notations, and how music pertains to the understanding of other subjects like math and science.

Once our students complete the general music classes for the semester they always want to know how they can continue classes and if Mr. C teaches single instruments in addition to general music; 

Mr. C teaches online general music and single instrument lessons all year round, for those students who wish to continue on with more music classes and instrument training after purchasing 1 semester of general music classes: Click below to join the academy

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