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Teaching Fundamentals

Learn The Basics of Teaching Any Subject, Including Music

Teaching Techniques

Create your own lesson plans

Learn The Teaching Techniques Used By Me, That Has Worked for Over 20 Years

Get the Secret to Creating The Perfect Lesson Plan for Your Students

Introducing, Mr. C's 5 Days/5 Videos to Stellar Music Teaching, a 5 Day 5 Video Tutorial on Teaching Methods That Creates Confident Musicians 

Budding Music Teachers,

I used to be where you are at right now. I used to dream of one day teaching a group of my own students how to become awesome musicians, but I didn't have the training to do it; After $60,000  in student loans, I was finally able to achieve my dream.

Before I completed college, I did need a job, so I decided to start my own private music lessons, and that's when I realized that my passion for music did not necessarily make me a good music teacher; 

I needed someone experienced to guide me in understanding the basics of teaching like:


Lesson Planning

Rapport Building

Creating Rules & Expectations


Strategic Room Setup

Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to guide me through my first music lessons, so I had to fly by the seat of my pants; I don't recommend it.

In my 5 Days/5 Videos to Stellar Music Teaching, I will tell you my secret to organizing my classroom, where I went from being extremely unorganized with only 2 students, to completely organizing my schedule and space with over 30 students and more...

Clear and precise steps it takes to get your student's attention and keep their attention, while creating a curriculum sure to give the most disinterested student confidence in learning...




Check out My 5 Steps to Stress-free Homeschool Teaching, for FREE: 


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Need More Teaching/Support?

Check out My Video Below on My Year Long Coaching Program Designed To Support You in Becoming an Effective Music Teacher

Mission: Music Mega Coaching Course

For Budding Music Teachers, Serious Parents ONLY, and Music Teachers in Need of Support