Music Teacher Workshop


You are a music school who cares about your music teachers and want them and your clients to succeed. You know that investing in your teacher's education is crucial to the music education of your clients. You have come to the right place. Sign up now for our 1 year workshop (4 workshops in all). Support your music teachers thereby supporting your clients. Spaces are Limited! Sign up Today!

1st Sessions of the Year: October 6, 2022, February 9, 2023, June 8, 2023, and October 5, 2023

Music Teacher Workshop Topics


Music Teaching Techniques

Learn what I have learned in over 20 years of teaching. How to keep the student engaged; what works and was doesn't work.


Student Motivation

We dive deep into the psyche of students and why they may not be motivated to try


Overcoming Parent Objections

Learn how to listen and take note of parent concerns and/or objections the right way



Learn how to take command of a music session without overwhelming your student, while making it fun.


Teacher Motivation

How to keep motivated in the face of difficulty


Parent/Student Encouragement

Learn the art of encouragement and how it can grow your student roster


  • Music Teacher Wrkshp

    Virtual Music Teacher Workshop for Private Music Teachers
    Valid for one year
    • 1 Year: 4 Workshops (4 Month Intervals) - 45 Minutes
    • 100 Conducting Batons for Workshop
    • Workshop Worksheets
    • Workshop Completion Engraved Plaque w/your school name
    • Individual completion certificates for each teacher
    • Private Facebook Group for each school for 24/7 Q&A
  • Learn to Teach Music

    Learn How to Conduct Private Music Lessons as a Career
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 Virtual Courses in 6 Months
    • 1 Class per Week
    • What to Expect as a Music Teacher
    • How to Teach Music Privately
    • Teaching All Types of Students
    • How to Find Your Teaching Specialty
    • How to Take Rejection
    • Music Business (How to Make Money)
    • Private Facebook Group for Q&A
    • Class Recordings
    • Journal w/Pencil
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Conducting Baton
    • Class Worksheets

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Mr. C is AMAZING my 13 year old son started with him in September and the progress I see in him is overwhelming. Every week there's a different assignment, he loves Mr. C and looks forward to his lessons. It's hard to keep him focused and he gets bored very easily but not with Mr. C. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. C's school of music they are definitely worth it!!!

Nicole Rodney