Communities, Let Us Plan Your Virtual Open House While Providing Music Classes/Lessons!

We'll Bring You a Minimum of 50 Potential Clients

You Need a Virtual Open House to:

  • Increase Your Resident Numbers

  • Spotlight Your Residence with Performances by Your Residents

  • Showcase All of Your Activities That You Offer

  • Get to Know Families in Your Neighborhood

  • Converse with Interested Local Vendors

  • and more...

Your Virtual Open House


With our marketing team, we plan, implement, and execute your own virtual open house to bring you more residents and recognition in your community, while putting the spotlight on your talented residents.

Your local neighbors and vendors of 50 or more, will get to know your facility and all of the amenities afforded to your clients, including the ability to perform through music classes and lessons offered by your facility.

Not only will your open house attract new and interested potential clients from your area, but it gives your residents a chance to show off what they have been learning in Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy classes.

Our academy offers a music class and lessons platform that allows for individual and/or group study at any time of the day or night. Mr. C's bi-monthly live online music classes will get your residents ready for the big open house to perform for the local neighbors and vendors.

Your Open House will be posted on our YouTube channel with over 1000 families subscribed and over 7000 impressions throughout the month.

Virtual Open House Statistics


E-learning will grow up to 59%

In-person showings decreased by 54% in 2020 and virtual showings dramatically increased at the same time

Virtual classrooms and webinars will grow up to 36% from 2020

Coaching by external practitioners will increase by 26%

External conferences, workshops, and events will increase by 22%

There is no information as to when and if gathering will go back to the way we used to do things

Virtual Open Houses are becoming the norm in real estate and other industries are picking up on their success utilizing online platforms to gain new clients.

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Oswaldo is very flexible. He has a good in depth knowledge in music. He teaches music in a fun way for kids to enjoy learning. He is diversified instrument expert.

V, Viswanath

Plan Your Virtual Open House!