Mr. C's Virtual Piano Lesson

Thank you for inquiring about Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy's Single Instrument Lessons. We are happy to guide you to the next step in joining the academy for only $50 per month.

Please take the time to observe the above and below videos on this page, as they will be exactly the kind of lessons you will receive in the academy.

Each instrument lesson is 30 minutes per day, beginning at 10:00am est

Monday: Beginner Piano

Tuesday: Beginner Guitar

Wednesday: Beginner Drums

Thursday: Voice (All Levels)

Friday: Beginner Ukulele​
If you can not make the live lessons, a recording will be available on the platform every day all day, so you will never miss a lesson, even if you go on vacation or take a break.

Each lesson will take place virtually from the Patreon platform. You will be able to ask Mr. C any questions you would like, in the comments section during and after the live recordings.

* Important to Note:  Mr. C can not see you to critique you privately, however, Mr. C will answer any questions you might have live during the lessons or on Saturdays at 2:00pm est, during his weekly live Questions and Answers segments.

You will have the chance to be critiqued during the Q&A's that take place on Discord.

When you signup for instrument lessons, you are automatically given access to our live K-12/special needs general music classes that take place everyday at 9:00am est , along with worksheets to coincide with the general music lesson for the day. These lessons include music history and music theory, and can be accessed after the live taping 24/7 as well.

As soon as you signup you will have access to our K-12/special needs general music classes that have already been recorded, along with the lesson worksheets.

For Only $50 per month you get:

Virtual Single Instrument Music Lessons
Live Q&A with Mr. C
Practice Charts
Annual Student Certificates of Completion
Annual Virtual Recital
K-12/Special Needs General Music Classes
K-12/Special Needs General Music Class Worksheets

For those who would like to signup for multiple instrument lessons, you must either create multiple accounts on Patreon, using different email addresses to login, or stick with one instrument for a given amount of time, then switch member levels to the other instrument of your choice, once you complete your first instrument lessons. Each instrument is the same monthly cost of $50.

We also have a one-on-one option for those of you who are looking for a more personalized music lesson with Mr. C's critiques; you can checkout this option when you click the button below to join the academy.


Mr. C's Virtual Ukulele Lesson


Vichu, V

Oswaldo is very flexible. He has a good indepth knowledge in music. He teaches music in a fun way to enjoy learning. He is diversified instrument expert.

Phillip, B

Mr. C is an excellent instructor. learned a lot.

Anabel, A

My children love Mr. C’s class, they have fallen in love with music because of it!!! Thank you Mr.C

Join Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy right now! You will not see this offer anywhere else. Mr. C is a certified music teacher with over 20 years of teaching all ages, including over 15 years of experience in the disabilities field, along with years of experience with the senior community.

To give back to the community that has given Mr. C so much, Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy offers music for an exceptional price in order to include everyone in his mission to provide the blessing of music education to all who long for it, no matter where they are in the world.

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