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Mr. C's Homeschool Music Academy has something to offer you too


Having been a music student, I know the pressure and anxiety that comes with having to learn an instrument that I had been introduced to for the first time in college, in only 1 semester, in order to complete my music education requirements.

I have setup a series of workshops and tutoring sessions for college and university students who need extra help in voice, piano, and music theory, to help them continue their music careers and complete the degrees they originally signed up for.

I know too many students who either changed the major they loved (music), or dropped out of college all together because they just couldn't figure out how to master college level voice, piano, and/or music theory, so I offer colleges and universities the chance to provide my workshops and/or tutoring sessions to their students for that extra hands-on learning that can not be provided by their professor due to time restraints.

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Up to 35 students for 6 months

Unlimited students for 6 months

Unlimited students for 12 months

Unlimited students for 12 months

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Adventure Academy Production Crew

Quinn A. 
Music Student 


Vichu, V

Oswaldo is very flexible. He has a good indepth knowledge in music. He teaches music in a fun way for kids to enjoy learning. He is diversified instrument expert.

Anabel, A

My children love Mr. C’s class, they have fallen in love with music because of it!!! Thank you Mr.C

Phillip, B

Mr. C is an excellent instructor. My daughter learned a lot.

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